Tuesday, October 28, 2008

just a part-time worker

i woke up early unlike usuall. i went out, for an audition. there's nothing to tell u how's it going, unless it's very sucks, haha. however, i think that i have tried my best. the point is, i am confuse whether to invove in the industry or not. i want to! the only i worry about how can i arrange my schedule between study and my part-time job.

i really want it, the most enjoyable moment in my life while i am still studying. i never assume acting as my future career, as i said that's only my part-time job. FULL STOP


Sunday, October 12, 2008

plan on holiday

i told u tat i have not studied at all for my final examination, haha. i become such a pemalas person tiz year year. when the exam jus started, i dunno wat should i write, and jus answer anythinh according to wat i am thinking about, haha.well, i jus scare if teacher ask me me or scare at me, shit! tat's make me feel bad sumtime, but nasi da jd bubur. terok betol i!

well, tak sabar betol nak abes exam, hehe. i have planned many things to do! straight after exam, i wanna work, as a part time crew, hehe. them da dapat, i am going to arrange my schedule. study, it must la, haha. then, i nak renovate bilik, and if malas, amek je le bilik lame, master-room size :P then, i want to go for shopping, and ask my kakak to pay for me, hahha.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

i have not studied yet!

i used to afraid about examination. but today, i feel very damn calm, ahha. i have not studied at all!! this situation very comman while i was in form 1 n 2, the couple years b4 pmr. so, i plan tat i will study giler2 next year la. hhaaha, very crazy!

i woke up late+ blogging + chatting + calling my fwens + crazying =p