Saturday, August 30, 2008

sambut mrdeka cara cdri!

the day before merdeka, i was quite busy chatting at ym, hikhik! (takde kerje lain) suddenly, i heard someone knocked my door, but i just ignored it. i thought my mother, sure she can open it by herself by using spare key, =p. i really damn terkezot tgk nadjua's face! she panggil 'oit"...
hakhak! tell u wat...that time i was recording my voice...then diorng pon g la dgr kot!
3 beautiful ladies lepak at my house, nadjua, nadia and intan.........kebebasan melayari internet pun melanda..then..i ajak them to tido at my house..
At night, we had dinner at farzana curry house. at first, i only ordered barli ice, igt tak nak makan. then.. i kempunan gak mkkn roty canai. then, i grab roty canai!!!! huaaahahaha..
kenyang seyh,,,,boncet perut kami.
then, we went to clinic, nadjua tak sehat. neway, satu kejadian berlaku. check tiz out!!

man : awk org mane??
i : ( i thought he said skool mane) kl....
man : lah..saya ingtkan awk org luar!
i : oohh....(agak2 profesional =p, nadjua n nadia start laughing! )
man : saya nmpak awk macam org filipina ker,, tak nmpak macam melayu lah..
i : huh??!~ (tersengih2, pe agy...nadjua n nadia bertambah kuat gelak!!)

hakhakhak!!!!!! pe korang rase huh??! jawab ngn jujur~

so, the moral of the story, kalo nak bebas macam kitorang, kuarlah malam merdeka..heheh
~selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan!!!!!!!
~merdeka 7x
~(my god, hey u all, kat tv ade iklan best2 tak pasal merdeka?? aku tak buka tv lorh)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sad=happy! happy=sad? weird..

-g skool, by kereta..
-nervous! fizik tak siappp......
- i prayed tat motivation from dr.sheikh start mase akhir!

i never expected to see+meet him! today angkaswan negara is coming to CBN.whoa...!! like a dream come true..=p pe agy, paham2 je le, skolah convent....menjerit- jerit mase dr.sheikh sampai..,me?? tak sangat..[hakhak] the reason why he is coming today because want to change the mindset of the student in order to give such a sense to study hard. i got his autograf to0!
i keep my eyes on what he is saying about! menaikkan semagat belajar?? yes! he said, "dream is possible,if i can be like this, you also can be more than that"hurm..tat's not possible! yeah!!!

verry verry damn sad! why.......i tak dapat ask him any question. but then, i really really regret of myself..why don't i study hard from the beginning!! i am very afraid of myself! afraid if i could not get my dreams to be a doctor as well as astronomers!!!....

-balik ngn nadjua yg sengal
-huhuk =p

-back home, go grab infront of my pc
- drink hot chocholate

Monday, August 25, 2008

such a suck day!

really hate this day....
the day before, i was really tension with all the homeworks that i've given. did i do it? the answer! i never touch my books at all. at night..i was on my ym, chatting with my bf, but unfortunately he was not feeling well. cian die...senang je sakit after balik camping,huhu.
thank god! susun jadual [check] iron bj [ check] my lovely pencil case [check] tudung for agama [check]. i woke up at 5.30, pe agy..doing karagn [really hate! teacher told to write the karangn contoh! buang mase aku jer arr!] hurm..agak kalam kabut.
naseb baik taw! i went to school by kereta..tak arr rushing gi bustop for the first day school after 2nd semester!

i tried to send my peka chemist..but teacher said..'sorry, da tak diterima'...i said..but teacher...i. i...she ignored me! then..i was still standing at her place, later she said...go back to your class, i only prayed to god for help me...

back home...kena marah..mother told me to do homework. okey! i do. i open my comp, to take a look at my asiggment. Mother scold at me, huh! online agy! i said,,ma! nak wat keje ney..nak buka file'..then, she replied...' siap arr, kalau cikgu kol mama!

tonight, i promise with myself...trying my best to complete my work!