Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love is like a magic. We are not able to see it, but the feeling is very strong

Wah, tajuk entry tak boleh blah kan? Anyway, love is really like a magic. This is the real thing that I always feel. The story is basically about me. Probably, others' feeling are not same as mine. So, that's mean okay.
          Love is such a pure feeling towards other people. Love has the same meaning, but it is depend on a person how he or she describes the the meaning. In our life, love can be either compulsory and not. It is compulsory to love ourselves and next our parents, family and friends around us.
          What is the magic in love. The situation comes when we fall for someone who are opposite sex. For me, I will fall for a guy. That be so sure. I have been in love before. It was really magic. Everything I saw in him was beautiful, nothing could be wrong.Well, it is the example of love which is not compulsory. Anyway, it never be forbidden to love for someone, as long as we know how to manage our life. We have to go through all the priorities in our life and after that it should be okay to commit with this magic feeling.
          When I fall in love,I will got on bed every night to sleep with smile. I keep smiling before I fall asleep. I will only focus my imagination on 'him'. I know I shouldn't do that as it will affect my priorities. But, it is not a sin to love 'him'. But, I must be careful and always think , does this feeling will generate good things to me or not, right.
          The point is, whether I spend much time thinking about 'him', unfortunately, he never knew. If I tell 'him', either one whether he cares or doesn't. So, is it a good sign to be in love?
          That's it. Even though how hard you spend time thinking about him or her, the person you are fall for never knew it. Just be careful when you fall in love. I should be careful too. I wrote this as because I want to motivate myself.

kids in love 296x300 kids in love

Monday, November 7, 2011

We are like soldiers, in a war, fight with all the obstacles.

I never proud of my past achievement in the first semester. As time flies, now I am in the second semester, with new subjects, new classes, new lectures and a big changes of environment. For the previous result, that's was the result for all my sacrifices and efforts in 1st sem. I have two solutions regarding for my achievement in new semester, either have to maintain the efforts or top up some percentage of my efforts for right-now semester.

          I am an optimistic person. I never assume myself good or the best among folks around me. I have my own priority, so that I will do whatever and sacrifice as much as I could to achieve for what I wish for or for who I want to be. I never have a courage to overestimate my goal. I hate showing my efforts before the actual result come out. I hate people keep talking about my efforts and it is getting worst once they mention it to others who don't really see what I do. As the new semester has been started, I assume that we are back in zero. ''We are on the same boat''.

          We are in the same institution. Our happiness, sadness are shared together. We are like in a war, fight for all the obstacles and have same goal. Living a life in a campus is like a story in a novel. Every semester is like a every chapter in the novel. For those who are not willing to sacrifice themselves die in a war, you can be  well-prepared with as many weapons as you can. For those who are giving up in sacrificing yourself, it is your own decision and you shouldn't regret for it.

          People, please don't overestimate my result. Never used the previous result as a platform for you guys to  make an assumption of my coming result. I prefer you guys to always make an underestimation towards me rather than keep giving me a high benchmark.The result is an unanswered thing which no one can make expectation even though how high or low one's effort is. To be an excellent person is not just being stick reading books, but it is how you deliver your ideas to create a new revolution for you own benefits and for others too.

          Being an excellent person is not depend on how much grade or pointer you get for your academic. Smartness is regarding of one's way, how they engage with their process in gaining knowledges. Smart person is someone who are able to perform well in many skills, how they contribute and deliver their ideas through oral communication, how they understand information from others by proper listening.

Me, just an ordinary person who still lack of knowledges and still in a state of gaining them.

It always seems impossible untill it is done