Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kick and shoot the ball!

Futsal? First time main. Before this I always thought about it, and imagined camne la keadaan aku kalau maen futsal kan? Futsal, alah, takat sepak-sepak tuh, boleh la. Padahal the real is, bukan takat sepak jer, tendang kene ada skill juga.
          Last night, Iman ajak main futsal. Fikir balik, ada kerja tak? aku mmg tak semangat nk aktif, lg2 kat muadzam. argh, ape2 hal pergi je la kan. Ok, kul 7.45 gerak naik keta. Aku, Iman ngn Hany :) Fine, main dgn akak2 degree (tak yah pgl akak sebenarnya)
          Dalam hati, gabra juga, *control jer. Tendang punya tendang. Eh, cam ok je aku tendang *org tak fikir aku first time. Tahan bola, tendang bola, eh ok jer aku buat, aku ade potensi ni, haha.
          The match began. Ok, postion aku? Tah, midfield kot. Defend baik punya, haha, tapi maen boleh2 la *padahal teruk. Kitaorang tukar2 goalkeeper, lepas satu-satu, abes pihak lawan pecah telor BAIK PUNYA! Aku memang tak harap jd goalkeeper, TAK NAK! 
          Turn aku jadi goalkeeper, jaga jaga jaga! Bomb! Aku tepis baik punya, then dga la suara2 alien ni, ''WhoaAaAaAaAaAaaaaa!'' Ha, aku mmg nmpk gedik, tp jgn maen2 , hehe. dalam 3-4 kali gak la dlm tepis and tangkap bola. Worth jugak ok, sebab turn aku jd keeper, dlm 15 mins gitu... :)

No pictures, tak plan nk snap sbb ni first time aku pg, takkan nk gedik2 snap pic kan. Lekluuu..

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Non- stop Twitting

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love is like a magic. We are not able to see it, but the feeling is very strong

Wah, tajuk entry tak boleh blah kan? Anyway, love is really like a magic. This is the real thing that I always feel. The story is basically about me. Probably, others' feeling are not same as mine. So, that's mean okay.
          Love is such a pure feeling towards other people. Love has the same meaning, but it is depend on a person how he or she describes the the meaning. In our life, love can be either compulsory and not. It is compulsory to love ourselves and next our parents, family and friends around us.
          What is the magic in love. The situation comes when we fall for someone who are opposite sex. For me, I will fall for a guy. That be so sure. I have been in love before. It was really magic. Everything I saw in him was beautiful, nothing could be wrong.Well, it is the example of love which is not compulsory. Anyway, it never be forbidden to love for someone, as long as we know how to manage our life. We have to go through all the priorities in our life and after that it should be okay to commit with this magic feeling.
          When I fall in love,I will got on bed every night to sleep with smile. I keep smiling before I fall asleep. I will only focus my imagination on 'him'. I know I shouldn't do that as it will affect my priorities. But, it is not a sin to love 'him'. But, I must be careful and always think , does this feeling will generate good things to me or not, right.
          The point is, whether I spend much time thinking about 'him', unfortunately, he never knew. If I tell 'him', either one whether he cares or doesn't. So, is it a good sign to be in love?
          That's it. Even though how hard you spend time thinking about him or her, the person you are fall for never knew it. Just be careful when you fall in love. I should be careful too. I wrote this as because I want to motivate myself.

kids in love 296x300 kids in love

Monday, November 7, 2011

We are like soldiers, in a war, fight with all the obstacles.

I never proud of my past achievement in the first semester. As time flies, now I am in the second semester, with new subjects, new classes, new lectures and a big changes of environment. For the previous result, that's was the result for all my sacrifices and efforts in 1st sem. I have two solutions regarding for my achievement in new semester, either have to maintain the efforts or top up some percentage of my efforts for right-now semester.

          I am an optimistic person. I never assume myself good or the best among folks around me. I have my own priority, so that I will do whatever and sacrifice as much as I could to achieve for what I wish for or for who I want to be. I never have a courage to overestimate my goal. I hate showing my efforts before the actual result come out. I hate people keep talking about my efforts and it is getting worst once they mention it to others who don't really see what I do. As the new semester has been started, I assume that we are back in zero. ''We are on the same boat''.

          We are in the same institution. Our happiness, sadness are shared together. We are like in a war, fight for all the obstacles and have same goal. Living a life in a campus is like a story in a novel. Every semester is like a every chapter in the novel. For those who are not willing to sacrifice themselves die in a war, you can be  well-prepared with as many weapons as you can. For those who are giving up in sacrificing yourself, it is your own decision and you shouldn't regret for it.

          People, please don't overestimate my result. Never used the previous result as a platform for you guys to  make an assumption of my coming result. I prefer you guys to always make an underestimation towards me rather than keep giving me a high benchmark.The result is an unanswered thing which no one can make expectation even though how high or low one's effort is. To be an excellent person is not just being stick reading books, but it is how you deliver your ideas to create a new revolution for you own benefits and for others too.

          Being an excellent person is not depend on how much grade or pointer you get for your academic. Smartness is regarding of one's way, how they engage with their process in gaining knowledges. Smart person is someone who are able to perform well in many skills, how they contribute and deliver their ideas through oral communication, how they understand information from others by proper listening.

Me, just an ordinary person who still lack of knowledges and still in a state of gaining them.

It always seems impossible untill it is done

Monday, October 17, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scars never lied.

It has been almost 1 year your are my so-called ex boyfriend. I can still recall our memories, our sadness and happiness together at that time. How great our relationship was being, as we spent our time together almost every time.
          On the first dating in KLCC, you said in front of my face that you are falling in love with me. I was damn speechless, anxious and I can't even control myself. Nothing I could say, unless I said ''Thank you''. We continued with our lunch, but you didn't know how happy I was.
          After a week past, we just be a friend and one night you asked me whether I fall for you or not. Deep from my heart, I love you so much, I couldn't afford to say those three words as I was afraid if I fail to make you happy. Sorry, I won't make you hurt. I failed to express my feeling, I just can say that I am fully like you as my friend till forever. You cried on the phone, you wanted to meet me but I refused you to do that. I said, I love you,and I hope that you can accept me for who am I.
          The other day, you took my hands, and proposed me to be your girlfriend.  I was really shy and insecure with you. I asked you to give me time. You were waiting for the answer. Without regret, I was yours. :)
          Nostalgically, when I got back from my part-time work, you sacrificed your time by picking me up and treated me to dinner. I can still remember, you always asked me ''Da mkn ke blum?" If I said, yeah, you asked back what I have eaten, of course just the pastry from starbucks. "Tak mkn nasi? Tak kira, dinner ni you have to eat nasi jugak''. How caring you were. I wanna cry cuz felt happy having you at that time.
          I never thought of losing you. You ever said about your future as you said about our marrige thingy. You seemed very serious about our relationship. It was just me, who can't even sacrifice anything for you. I still remember our great memories. We always went to cinema and watched all types of movies together. Love movies, actions movies and so on. There's a time I hate the movie that you really obsess. I forced you to get out from the cinema, you asked why. I lied to you. I said I was not felt good and I have to go back home early. It was hard to get a taxi, we had fight. But, you said sorry to me, which you were not deserved to do that. It was my fault. I am sorry...
          One day, we had had accident, I was really regret for what happened to us. I was clueless, I was lost. I never faced accident in my whole lives. Unfortunately, we have faced the worst incident together. The scars is the proof. The scars on my left hand's elbow never lied. After the incident happend, I always asked you to seek cure to vanish my ugly scar. I can't accept the flaw. You sacrificed your money, your time to buy the oil for removing my scar. It didn't work. I asked for the oil which the price higher than the previous one, till now.... it don't make any effort. How can I remove the flaw?
          When I move far away from you, you can't accept at all. You cried, you asked me any alternative things that made me stay. Nothing, I still with my decision and I left you alone. We still as a special partner. We are connected everyday and you sacrificed you money to top up your prepaid to stay on the phone every single night. You even told a scary and terrific story that happened near to my place which I stayed. I know the reason that you really wanted me to get back. I still refused. I ever cried to you, and you cried too. We have been through a relationship in a far distance. I can't stand anymore. I have no guts, I asked for clash. As I though that I can find other better guy, I have forgotten all your efforts for me, all your love towards me. I asked to break up. I made your heart hurt at all.
          I am sorry for what I have done. Tapi, I ada reason kenapa kita clash, you ever made me hurt, and there's a girl talked bad about you, and at last, you said ''those three words'' to other girl,in facebook. Probably, this is the price that I have to pay as I made you hurt, maybe...

But, honestly, I do think of you sometimes. The scars make me think about you. The scars never lied.

There's a reason for what had happened.


Kawan bermasalah

Cerita budak bernasib malang apabila sering memperbodohkan diri sendiri, dengan menunjukkan terang-terangan yang diri awak tuh loser, dan sngatlah malang. Kesian. Simpati je aku ley sumbangkan.
          Kawan dtg dan pergi. Kalau nak kata, kita mahu buang kawan2 lama, terbuang dan terhapus la sejarah lama. Baik bruk penglamn bersama kwn adalah complementary yg penting utk mewujudkan pengalam yg bermkna.

          Cerita aku ni agk menarik la juga. Cuba bygkan kwn korang yg dlu rapat ngn korang, gelak sme2, sama2 gila, lepak almost everyday, tapi dlm diam buat hal. Kenal dr sekolah rendah till SPM, dlm waktu tu, dia buat hal. Bak kata peribahasa la kan, 'tikam belakang'. Bagi aku, aku plg teruk kena ngn die ut, tp kwn2 aku yg sekali ngn dia kata diorang pun sama2 merasai betapa teruk nya kena penangan ngn 'dia; nih. 

          Lawak jenaka kau, dpt mmbantu kitorang yg tkde bhn seperti movie, atau filem2 lama utk ditonton. Terima kasih aku ucapkan. Pujian kau yg berlambak-lambak , padahal belakang kitorang, kau canang dgn perkara yg sebaliknya , what the hell wehh.? Kenapa eh, kau buat camtu? Bertahun weh, perangai kau camtu.
          Kau seorang yg sgt kuat. Ya, sngt kuat, sngat confident mengharungi hidup kau yg penuh dgn PENIPUAN, KEPURAAN, dan senag kata FAKE. Kau sgt pandai berlakon. Bayangkan, mudah sahaja kau mengalirkan air mata jika ada masalah, atau trlampau MURAH air mata kau disaat engkau mengatakan kau 'tidaklah berapa niat nak mengutuk kami semua, just..huh..' itu saja alasan kau? Alasan kau hanya alasan kosong, yg tk perlu di beri markah tetapi air mata kau yg sangat mudah bergenang membuatkan kitorang menerima kau, sedetik air mata kau jatuh, kami terima, berlinangan air mata kau, kami merasai. Tetapi, kau tak berubah. Ulang, KAU TAK BERUBAH. Kenpa weh?

          Disaat kau memberikan nasihat kepada aku, saat aku trlanjur mempercayai kau 100%, aku menerima. Aku pun tk thu, kenapa aku senang dan rela hati menerima perkataan kau yg begitu, argh, ayat yg sangat tersusun, menarik perhatian, sgt meyakinkan, in simplest term, you are SWEET TALKER. Ouh, sgt pandai kau, kau sgt professional. Sangat berkeyakinan! Good job! Selepas itu.... Bapak ar! Runtuh hati aku, apabila dpt thu, bahawa segala permasalahan aku, segala perasaan down aku, segala aib yg aku cerita kat kau, kau SAMPAIKAN KEPADA ORG LAIN! Kenpa weh? Kenapa buat aku begitu!? Wahai ex-kawan ku, berubah lah. Berubaha la.. 

          Di saat kau brsama aku dlu, bnyk juga cerita2 buruk dr kalangn2 yg aku kenal. Aku hanya gunakan TELINGA UNTUK MENDENGAR, KEPALA UNTUK MENGANGGUK, ats segala kutukan kau , dan pernah juga kau mnceritakan AIB KWN BAIK AKU kpdu ku. Aku tdk perlu pun mengetahuinya dr org lain,  dan itu salah wahai ex-kwn aku... Semakin lama, umur kita meninggkat, semakin matang pemikiran kita. Kau takkan tak rasa, aku boleh tahu, KALAU KAU SANGGUP CERITAKAN KEBURUKAN ORG LAIN PD AKU, KAU PUN SANGGUP CERITAK KEBURUKAN AKU PD ORG LAIN.  Disaat umur aku sebegini yg, aku bsama kwn2 lain sedar akn terjadinya kitaran cerita dan kutukan kau itu. Kau sprti seorang manusia HARAM JADAH yg mahukan kwn2 di sekelilinh kau bermusuhan, dan kau sgt bahagia. Yes, it did work! Apa dah jd, kwn baik aku, nak tak nak jer kwn ngn aku, kwn2 yg lain, pndang acuh tak acuh dgn aku. Inilah hasil kerja kau whai ex-kwn ku. 

          Tapi! Bukan aku seorng jd mangsa kau! Semua nama2 yg kau sebut dlm kutukan kau tuh, mangsa kau. Aku, N, I, M, F, K, dan bnyk lg kwn2 aku jd mangsa kau. Sudah lah, obviously dalam berapa tahun dahulu kau takde LIFE! kesian kau..

          Cerita kat ats ni, sejarah la, it was such a great nostalgic sbb kitorang yg sgt gah di mata kau kan, sehingga setiap apa yg kitaorang buat kau tak puas hati? Hello, sape suruh tak puas hati, kan dah hancur hati kau. LOSER betul

          Anyway, as in this year, 2011, kau nak kata kitorang ni, ex kwn2 kau, dah buang kau? Hahaha, kenapa cakap cam tu weh? Kenapa kau rasa diri kau dibuang? Ouh, memang kau rasa KAU PATUT DIBUANG la kan? Sedar pun. Kau kata, kitaorng canag psl kau? kau nak kat..kitaorang ni, erk..tak puas hati ngn kau? Hello, tak pernah kitaorang tk puas hati, sbb.. 'KAU APA ADA? APA PUN TADAK' Kitaorng thought of u all of sudden pun, sebab. ni ha, sebab membayangkan, betapa brukkkkkkk nya perangai kau, yg membuatkan kitaorang sampai , ha, perlu ker tak puas hati ngn kau? Takde point ok, bukan LIFE kitaorang nk buat cerita mcam kau buat LIFE kiorang ni, hanya focus pd life sndiri jer, OUR LIFE IS OUR PRIORITY, YOUR LIFE IS NOT OURS.

            Ramai yg tak suka ngn peranagi kau. Tp, kau canang kat kwn2 bru kau, kitorang tk nk kwn ngn kau, sbb cemburu ngn kau. Hello, kau siapa? Bukan cemburu der, tapi pelik dgn perangai kau yg sepatutnya kau perlu pun berperangai camtuh kan? 
          Yes, Allah s.w.t maha adil. Kau cp cmtuh dulu. Wah2, pndai kau sebut nama tuhan. Maha adil weh, tapi igt lah ex-kwn ku, SELANGI TIDAK MEMINTA MAAF KEPADA MANUSIA YG KITA PERNAH SAKIYI HANTINYA, ALLAH TK AKN MAAFKAN KITA. Kau buat dosa yg melibtkan kau dgn tuhan, senang la hubungn kau ngn tuhan, tapi kau, dgn kitaorang ni! (Ramai nyer)

          Kesimpulan aku, igt lah, berubah memang senang. Cara dia, kau minta maaf lah pd EX KWN2 kau, kalau tak, selagi itu lah kau tak berubah.

p/s : kalau kau kata LIFE ko sekarang sgt la BAGUS, so, obviously lah LIFE kau dlu teruk, or senang kata, KAU TAKDA LIFE

Cara kau membuatkan kitaorang lagi bangga jadi kitaorng ni. Aku bangga jd diri aku, walaupun dlm tempoh dlm brape thn lepas, aku DIANIAYA dan DIJATUH kan oleh engkau, EX-KWN ku.

The journey of my life.

It's has been very long time I am not writing for my ugly blog. I have been busy with reality life and can't even manage time to spend for the network-social life. Since I have been through my life in campus, there's nothing much I can make words about it. Well, there are not many things vary unless your environment and folks around me.
          Anna Adila. I feel a lot of thankful as I am proud having this beautiful name. Thanks my lovely family, I know the reason you guys gave this such unique name for hoping that I can be even close as like the hidden meaning of my name. Anna means 'I' and Adila means 'full of fair'. After a year I have been fully jobless and waste too much money, I started my studies in Uniten, Muadzam Shah. My major is Foundation in Finance. As I am writing now,  I have been in about 4 months which the first semester had been completed.
          The best thing I ever had in my campus life is that I have got higher pointer for my grade for last sem. Alhamdullilah, thank for Allah. Actually that was out of my expectation cause I never thought that my result will same as my effort which I did not put too much. All I believe it came from my God's and mom's bless. All of my prays had fulfilled. Here it is, I got 3.9 for my cgpa :)

          Now, I have been in second sem. I have to think a lot to accomplish my goal and to sacrifice as many efforts as possible. I have to make and engagement with learnig. In simplest term, I have to be a multi-tasking person who are able not to focus on one thing, but various of things too. I have to balance my academic, critical thingking, behaviour changing , social life and any other correlations situation.

For the day after tomorrow onwards, I have Biz Maths and Micro tests. InsyaAllah, I will do the best for it.
Anna Adila.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's get started english class for new sem!

Again! English class start at 8 o’clock in the morning, same as in the previous semester. So, we have to wake up in the early morning, furthermore we have to catch up for the shuttle bus.
          While on my way to class, in my mind, I was thinking about the will happen in the class in this semester and for sure I felt totally anxious .When I saw unpredictable things , it’s kind of little mixed up. Then, we entered our class as usual and the environment quite different as I have been with some new student. Well, it’s quite awkward to me.
          My lecturer for the English class is Madam Ummi Kalsom. She have strict-looking and made me scared! That’s just my first impression. She talked about the class assessments and as usual, of course lecturer will tell us the rule while being in the class, made an overview for this subject, and so on.
Even though it’s was our first class, Madam Ummi have told us some assessments that we are going to do like speaking corner, group assignment and tutorials. Well, she already told us to do speaking corner, same as what we did in semester 1. For those who have fluent English, don’t really have to be worried but folk like me, have to put a lot of effort! How can I improve my English, madam ? L Well, we should start to be well-preapared for the speaking assessment as it will start on next week, I guess. The person who going to perform for this task whose name starting with A and followed by next alphabet. Unfortunately and apparently, my initial name is started with A! Hahaha..I hate it L

          Well, that’s all for this first class. Will be continue J

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My sweet nineteen

As a start, Alhamdulillah, celebration hari jadi aku sgt sgt sgt lah perfect because of kehadiran dan penghargaan yg kwn2 aku in Uniten ni berikan. Banyak unexpected things yg aku dpt hari ni. Hurm..penat tak abes lg ni, mcm2 prank la gak kne, tp tkde la besar sgt, naseb baik la , huhu. Banyak kejutan yg buatkan aku tersangat speechless.

     Well, mula2, aku discuss la a day before tu, ngn housmate. Nak buat spaghetti . Just that! Niat nak makan la ramai-ramai ngn housemates and beberapa kwn yg lain. So, masak punye masak, sampai la lepas isyak kitorunk makan2. Yang dtg dlu, gang Nyot. Nyot ni, nama kucing kwn aku, Athirah. Athirah, Ayyu, Fitri and Nadia. Dorunk ni kemana-mana jer mmg kene berempat.Yelah, mereka ni sume satu uma, and budak account. Next, gilafriends dtg,Liza, Aisya, and kwn2 mereka, Lisa, Suria, Mimi. Ha, da sampai, takkan duk jer kan, mesti lah MAKAN TIME! Maaf ka kwn2, kalau tak sdap, salahkan saya! huhu. Housemate saya! Elina and Mira! tolong sempurna kan majlis. Dari awl nak msk2, tengah2 celebration n da habis, mereka mmg sgt sgt sgt jaga hari saya! huhu, thanks so much, tuhan sahaja dpt balas jasa korunk ok, anna doakan agr korunk dilimpahkan rezeki, amin!

          Jum, pegi time climax! Haaaaa, ni yang best,lepas je mkn2 semua, aku ngn kwn2 borak2 la kan, duk kat sofa, masing2 duk senyap sbb makanan dlm perut tu tengah digest. Then, tiba2, kat pintu ahhhhhaaaaaa!!!! Ada lilin BESAR dan sembilan lilin KECIL! aku sorunk je, 19 wehhh! cake siapa punye? Eleh! buat2 tak thu pula, bufday girl yg punye!!! hahahhahah!...
          Aku tak mampu berkata-kata. Aku terperanjat! terkejut! terkaku! Ala..tak tahu la nk sampaikan dlm ayt camne.Aku tgk lilin tuhh da bersiap sedia utk ditiup. Fuh! aku tiuo. Then, MAKAN CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Semua pun kenyang. Time kasih kat ELINA again, bawa cake, and agar- agar. Thanks elina's mom !!!! agar-agar tuh sgt sedap, sbb rasa dia kan, cam sgt fresh taw, and sejuk, rasa sejuk2 jer time makan, i LIKE!. Okayh, part kne tepek cake kat muka bermula! Nyot Athirah and fitri!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, jaga korang, sbbkan korang, aku mandi lama mlm ni taw! huhuhu.

Haaaa, banyak gak la cake jatuh kat lantai, aku lap lap sikit..penat nyer.. then, masuk dapur, naseb baik kwn2 memahami, trima kasih, sama2 basuh pinggan :) Then, basuh2 skit, ade kut yg tk beres sgt, sok la decorate blk dapur umah. Ade yg tak elok lg kot susunan dia. HuHUhu! Thanks kwn2, saya igtkan hari ni hari jadi sbg tanda kenalan kita di Dunia Perkuliahan sand nak rptkan hubungn sambil menghirup spaghetti ke dlm mulut, and sampai ke usus, tp korang lah yg telah menjadikan majlis aku ni LUAR BIASA! sama kan, ngn tajuk lagu syahir tuh, hubby aku, ops! Syahir takde kaitan la, huhu.

          To friends, syukur alhamdulillah,apa yg kita sambut mlm ini, semua nya berjalan ngn baik, takde antara korunk yg kene ambik MC kan!? sume kne g class esok okkkkkayh. Aku da penat ni,  nanty sambung lagi, Insyaallah~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I love you so much...
I say this because my heart told so..

My heart beats like it never used to..
I feel like wanna say I love you all the time, at the moment we're still breathing..
I pray for every moment you are perfectly safe and be a part of me ..
You're my life, you're my heart and soul...
I wanna give everything for you, I will...

Now, I am prepared to give all my love to you ...
You, yourself will find out, how much I love you..

But, the point is, it's hard to find 'YOU'
I haven't found 'YOU' yet..
Once i found you...
I will allow 'YOU' read this once again.....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rebonding tak jadi!

          Rebonding rmbut siapa lagi, rambut aku lah. Kes ni jadik time thun lepas. Masa tu kira aku desperate juga nk rebonding because dah rimas rambut dah start gembang . Aku g satu saloon ni, salon ni salon org melayu la. Ni first time buat rmbut kt salon melayu, sbb slame ni standard buat kt salon cina. Bg aku, time tuh tk kesah sbb anggap rebonding buat kat mana-mana pun, hasil die sme gak.
          Lama gilaaaa buat, standard la, kne sacrifice masa dan tenaga gak, 4 jam. rambut punye pasal, trpaksa jer la. Tapi, nk dicerita kan, time die iron rmbut aku tuh, die ayat cam tak betul, nampak tak iron setiap helain rambut aku. Nampak tak pro ahhhh, aku pikir positive...mungkin disebabkan kesan rambut aku yg dah rosah and pernah buat rebonding sebelum ni, membuatkan ianya sukar utk lurus kot. Aku biarkan jer.
          Dah siap, last2, dia iron balik, nampak tak jadi laaaaaaa! Hati aku je yg ckp. Then, aku tgk, dah ok la kut. Bila balik umah, aku tak puas hati. Dalam sejam jer, rambut aku kembang balik! Mak aku pun kate, ''kenapa rebonding rambut tak secantik cam buat dulu...?'' Aku kesedihan! Marah! Tak puas hati! Semua ade...

         Camni lah rambut aku time tuh, tak jadi kan rebonding tuh!

          Esok nye , aku kol manager die, cakap rebonding tak jadi, aku tak puas hati la ngn hasil kerja pekerja dia. Aku dtg kat salon die, manager die bodoh giler, muke langsung tak nmpak cam bersalah. Dia tak nampak ker, rambut aku camner??? Siap boleh tanya lagi, ''Rambut you sebelum buat ni , cam mana? rambut you kerinting sangat kotttt...'' Ayat cam celaka kan? Cam ni ke dia jalankan business, aku pon tak paham la. ''Rambut saya, cam ni la, tengok, ni la rambut saya yang asal'' Then, aku perli sikit... ''Dulu rambut saya lagi teruk dari ni, then dua thun lepas buat rebonding, elokk jer, ley tahan lebih setahun tau kak, yg skunk ni pun, tak macam dulu ha, tengok? Ade ker kerinting? Lurus jer, cume mengerbang tuh, ade laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...'' Geram nyer aku, kalo ley, nak jer sound.. ''EH,PEKERJA KAU TUH, TAK RETI BUAT LAH! BUKAN TAKAT TAK JADI RAMBUT AKU NI, SIAP  ROSAK, SIPA PATAH-PATH LAGI KAT AKAR RAMBUT AKU NII, THEN IRON PON SAMPAI LECUR KULIT PALE AKU NI, ADE LAHHHH! '' ''lAGI SATU, AKU HERAN, KO BELA PEKERJA KAU, TAK MARAH DOA DPN AKU, TUH MEMANG TRSANGAT LA BAGUS JAGA HATI ORG, TAPI, HATI CUSTOMER, TAK JAGA KER??? MEMANG TAK NAK UNTUNG ERKK?? '' Tapi, aku tak kejam, aku cakap elok-elok je ngn dia, walau rambut aku ni, dah teraniaya teruk..
          Ape la, duit, mmg dia tak kasik claim, aishhhhh. Manager dia buatkan rebonding balik kat rambut aku. Buat punye buat, rosak lahh rambut aku dek kerana chemical yg berlebihan,tub satu. Badan jenuh nak menunggu berejam-rejam tuh satu hal lain lak. Hati yg sakit camner? Sabar jer la, dugaan...
          So, rambut aku, dengan sedih nyer, aku boleh cakap, boleh tahan 2 hari jer. Yang aku sakit hati, ni aku nk kasi tahu, teruk giler la hasil kerja diorang.
          Cerita panjang-panjang mana pon, point aku satu jer, aku tak nak kauorang service langsung rambut kauorang kat kedai aku g ni, bukan ape, takut perkara yg sama berlaku. Well, tujuan aku ni, bukan lah nak menjatuhkan periuk nasi seseorang itu, tetapi, hanya untuk kebaikan semua jugak. Antara perkara2 yang tak bgus nye kat sane, pekerja dia, org indon, aku bukan nk tindas org indon, tapi dia langsung tak professional, nak sikat rambut aku pun, alahai...kalau sikat pun tak pas, camner, yelah, time iron and sikat  rambut aku tuh pun sangat tak betul. Kedua, org tu taru chemical kt rambut taruk skali kat akar rambut, sampai semua akar2 rambut aku patah! Siot gila kan? Then, manager dia pun sama, cakap ngn customer, sikit pun tak jaga hati, dah thu rosakkan rambut customer, leh pula nk suggets buat skali lagi . Kalu tak nak claim duit pun, bg la ganti ngn lain, treatment ker ape.. Sangat teruk punyer service apabila layanan yg diberikan tak memuaskan.
          Ha, mesti korang nk thu,kt mana kedai tuh kan? ha, yelah, aku kasi tahu, kdai tuh kat ampang, Nama kedai, Amore, ..Head to toe spa, tak silap aku camtuh la nama salon dia, Tapi nama ''Amore" tuh, tul la nama die. Ha, aku bukan nak jatuh kan business dia yer, cuma ni kes yang berlaku, untuk KEBAIKAN ORANG LAIN.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cerita 'Couple'ku

Aku igt lg, time darjah kita, kwn aku dok cite die happy sebab ade stu guy ni 'mintak couple' ngn dia. Ape tuh couple, aku tnye. Ala, nk jdik bf gf la. Ouh. Tapi, bila aku buka kamus, lain lah. Maksud dia, berpasangn. Adui, pelik kalau kate 'mintak couple' mintak brpasangan. What for. Berpasangan utk SEHATIIIII BERDANSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Hahaha. Pasangn utk ape?? Tah, biarlah. Aku time tuh takde pun dak laki2 nk 'mntak couple'. Time tu aku GEMUK, PENDEK, GELAP, senang kate tak cantek la.

          Shh, senanye tadika aku da ade bf, tp tk pgl couple la. Best, ha2. Heran, aku rse time tuh sbb aku kiut miut yg tramat la kut, haha. Pada form 1, aku couple. Couple cmtu2 jer la, tak rse ape pun then clash.
Bape kali aku couple? Soalan ni, agk sensitive la, haaa. Dlm 7 or 8 la. Sikit?? Ramai?? Tertakluk pd pndangn masing2 yer. Tapi, time form 2, aku pernah jatuh cinta yg amat meninggalkan kesan yg sgt lme. tapi, aku harap, die tk trmasuk dlm list 'couple' aku, yeah, he he never be my 'couple' because i want him be more than everything, cewah!

          Dalam umur 18 tahun, bnyk yg berlaku antara aku ngn opposite sex. rse nk disayangi, dihargai, dilindungi oleh insan yg bergelar lelaki ni memang muncul. Biler lme2, bru aku phm ape mksud sebenanr couple bg aku, kut betul tah tidak?? Membuatkan aku takut gak. Grrrr.

          Tah, skunk ni bukan time aku untuk ckp yg aku ni..
Putus cinta! 
Tangkap leleh!
Jiwa kacau!

Hari ini aku mersakan betapa nikmat nye hidup single yg mungkin buatkan aku merana?? atau bahagia?? Mungkin, feeling aku ni hanya beberapa detik, tapi aku harap sgt, feeling aku yg sangat tegar mengatakan no love for you this moment until you get to know yourself! The moment that you can call yourself to help you, as yourself so you won't be dependent!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My idol who inspired me

Marian Rivera


Today the 7th day of my acnotin taking. There's no big changes, just the zitney spears that begun last week had been better. All i can tell u, before i hitting on using the proper cream n medicine from the dermatologist, i had been used a cream that give a totally worst result to my skin. Eiuu, the zits getting all over my face and addition they were too pain to be touched.

           Yet, i got medicine, which is damn expensive rm7 a pill! The doctor said, this is specility for cure the acne. What he said, maybe around 2-3 weeks consuming will make all the zits comes out and later they gone.

    Still consuming it, and using day and night cream every single day. My face is getting better but can't really have it as a result. Another 7 days i am going to have another appoitment with the docter yet it will give a hole to my pocket. Grrr.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Confession of a day

I know that there's no one just straight way get into my blog . Unless there's coincidence, where somebody type any words links to my blog. 

Aku bersyukur Allah s.w.t telah memberikan aku secara fizikal dlm keadaan serba lengkap, tidang ada cacat . Tapi cela, adelah sebab segala yg buruk pun dtg dari dr sendiri. 

Lately, im in dilemma. Always think about physical appeareance.
Being a girl have to take efforts.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Liku2 perjalanan di PLKN.

Hari Pendaftaran

Dah tersenarai , per lagi, terpakse la pergi kan, PROGRAM LATIHAN KHIDMAT NEGARA. Honestly tak suke pun. Perjalanan aku bermula pada 19 JUN 2010. Aku ingt pun psl besoknye adalah bufday aku :) Sampai je tmpat daftar kat Putrajaya, tgu punye la lme, sgt mengjengkeklakn. Sebab berat hati lah nk pegi. Kat sne aju jmpe kwn, nme die Iefa. Tak perlu la aku nk citer psl die, kitorunk pun tak berjmpe lepas program tu, hope she's doing ok la skunk , amin. Tibe2, aku jd ramah, aku tgur die, kakak ngn mak die lak berbual sape. So, kire die ni ley buat kwn la kan. Aku nih pun dlu agak pilih bulu, tp die da ok, aku ok lah.
          Dalam bus, duk sme, snap2 pic. Hahaha. Tak jauh pun kem aku, kat Hutan Ayer Keroh Melaka. samapi sne, mule2 kne menepek tgh2 panas, ngn bag aku yg sgt berat tuh. Spotcheck time, tolong la, aku dn lain2 dah dilayan mcm banduan jer. Tak layak tau aku kne lyn cmtu! :(
           Time tu aku  berdue dgn Iefa, mkn, jln2, jmpe cikgu2 , org2 kt sne, aku stick jer ngn die. Tp, malang nyer, tk dpt bilik sme ngn die. Sape tk sedeh kan, tp mungkin ade hikmah, makin jauh, maybe mkin rindu lah kot. Well, masuk bilik, at first, aku bwk diri aku yg agak ego. Aku tk tgur org sgt, yelah, malu pun ade, mood pun tkde. Hahah. Yg plg mengejutkan, classmate aku time form 5 join NS, n jdik roomate aku kt sne.
          Alah, life kt sne, cm penjara la. Time rehat ade limit, time mkn kne pgl, time solat, wajib berjemaah kat surau. Yg aku tak thn nyer, time mandi , mkn punyer la ciput. Eiiii, uji kesabaran tol lah! N, kt sne wajib pakai tudung. Jadi hipokrit la aku kt sne.

Bermacam ragam jenis manusia.
          Aku merupakan pelatih kumpulan 3, dimana mostly budak2 nyer tak sekolah lah. Actually aku dlm kump 2, aku tangguh pun psl medical problem. So, mase tuh aku nih cerewet, thu bnyk narrow minded, tk dilayankan jer perangai dorunk. Ni satu cerita aku nk korunk baca.

Kisah Baju Kelasku yg Hilang......
         Aku pun tk thu la mne peginye lagi satu bju kelas aku. Dah tuh, aku report la kt cikgu kan. Mlm tuh gak , sume cikgu2 ishtiharkan buat spotcheck. Aha, bukan bju aku yg jumpe, tp bnde2 terlarang mcm cermin,  extension, plug, andddddddddddddd HANDPHONE. Nak dijadikan kontrovesi kan, cikgu2 memang paling bengang kalau pelatih sorok hp! Malam tuh, due handphone kantoi. Nak thu, ade due cikgu ni, time kitorunk ramai2 duduk tuh, die boleh belek2 hp budak tuh. Then, cikgu tuh bca segala mesej2 die, n bukak pictures die. Cikgu tuh kter, bnyk nyer la gmbar2 porno, peluk, comolot segala. Bagi aku la kan, cikgu tak berhak la nk buat cmtuh, itu mengaibkan. Aku prcaya bkn aku sorunk je rse cmtuh, dak2 lain pun sme. Ape lg, kitorunk pun pndang la yg empunya hp tuh, mmg adat la , pndang2 org len ni...
          Baju aku tak jumpe, aku pun pasrah la, aku pun pelik pergi mana bju aku tuh????
Malam kitorunk nk tdo kan, nk thu ape yg jadik??? Kire2 pukul 12am, pintu bilik kitorunk kne ketuk, bunyi ketukan tuh, nauzulbillah. Ade sorunk minah nih, memekik mekik pg2 buta. "Anna Adila mne!!! Aku nk jmpe ngn die!!!" Aku blurr giler, pehal lak kan. Aku pun, thu aku tkde salah ape2, aku pun pegi arh depan2 die, alah!!!!!!! KEcik nye minah nih, Kurus kering, flat jer bdn. Nampak giler la die nk carik gaduh. Due org roomate aku, protect aku, dorunk tk bg aku hadapan ngn dak tuh, yelah mna thu die nk bunuh aku ke ape kan. Hahaha.
          Tibe2, die tunjuk FUCK die kat aku, n tros nk blah. Adui, aku nek darah arh, ikutkan aty nak gado, tp aku control, sbb kalau nk deal ngn dak cmtuh, mmg tkkan habis smpai kiamat. Tibe2, kwn aku, Iefa muncul, nk leraikan la kononnye, die pgl dak tuh, "Woi kau ni apehal? Kalau berani sgt, dtg la sini" Then, dorunk2 bincang2 sume kt bilik kwn aku tuh. Aku pun, blurr la kan. Tibe2, sorunk dak ni pgl aku, deal ngn dorunk jap. Aku pegy lah. Menyedihkan sgt, kt bilik tuh, sume salahkan aku. Abes aku kena tindas

Minah 1: Kau tu kan pandai sgt, belajar tinggi, apesal kau susah2 nk g report bju hilang lak!??? Kau ni kecoh
              lah, bnde kecik pun nk report.
Minah 2: KAu tahu tak, ramai tk ske kau, ko jdikan bnde kecik jdik besar.
Minah 1: dah2, kau balik la, ko taubat jer lah, kau fikir balik ape yg kau da buat.
          Minah yg serang aku tuh, diam jer. Dga kate kwn2 die, die nih, bermasalah la, die kter, sian kt minah ni, mak bapak dia da tak terima die, n dia kata cikgu2 sume kata dak nih da tkde dara. Nak kne cek lubang la bagai. Geli aku dga, tp tuh la realitu. Cikgu nak cek die ade dara ker tak??? Giler ape punyer statement??
Derr, ade otak derr, gne akal lah!

         Aku blk bilik, aku nangis ngn roomate aku.Nasib badan, dorunk memahami. Aku fikir positif sejenak.

Mungkin, minah yg serang aku tuh, mmg budak yg bermasalah. Tgk dr fizikal dia, mmg die bermasalah lah. Then, kalau die tak bermasalah, knape die tak ikut peraturan , dah kater hp tkley smpan, pulangkan jer.
P/s : to be continued

Everything is gonna be WORST in low fatttttttttttttttttttttt

Makanan dan diriku tidak dapat dipisahkan. Makan??? Ade ke manusia akan ckp, aku tk ske mkn, aku ni bkn jenis kuat mkn lah, malas mkn lah! Ugh! No such thing la, tuh nme nyer hipokrit. Makanan pun bnyak jenis, yg berkhasiat la, tak lah. Urghh.

Jom ckp psl makanan favourite aku. Aku ni ske sgt makan, binatang yg sedap, hahaha! Ayam lah, my fav! Nasib baik la, takat ni aku dpt allergic pd seafood jer, aduiiii. Tapi tkpe, sbb dlu time aku mkn sotong ker, udang msk tepung ker, last2 carik gak bapak ayam.Ops! Hehehehe. Well, ayam ni memuaskan la. Wa...cbe bayangkan, ayam goreng KFC....Mcd, yg Spicy tuh, pergh! sedap nyer!. Ape lgi erk. Ha, dr dlr before nk g sekolah kan, aku slalu suh mak aku beli NASI LEMAK + AYAM MASAK MERAH! Perghhhh! Marveles giler lah. 

Nasik putih, tuh wajib la kan, da kite dr kecik kenal bnde tu, da sebati lah. Bile ckp psl nk jge kesihatan, nk lose weight, gntikan ngn beras perang. Kurng ganji, rendah glucose lah. Eiii, tak sedap. Tak puas langsung. Then, kalau nk minum susu pulak, low fat milk. Yulk, rse cam hampeh. Minum full cream lg memuaskan. Tipu lah spe kater fav die low fat, no way la. Hidup sementara weii, takkan tak nak nikmatinyer kot kan??

Chips!! My fav! Kat kabinet dapur kalau ley, aku nak dipenuhi dgn pelbagai snacks! Then, kat fridge ade Cadburry chocholates, forrero rosche, *biarlah salah eja pon! Ice cream! Wah, just like heaven right!!!!!
Seronok nyer sume nih.

Aku benci senanyer makanan yg tkde rse , cm org ckp makanan org kencing manis. Oat la, cornflakes, eiuuuuu! Tolonglah, spe suke makn bnde2 cmtu?? Tipulah kalau suka! Hipokrit!!!!!!!

Cerita SPM ku

Hai, apa yg aku nak tulis ni, adelah pengalaman yg aku hadapi semasa aku dalam tingkatan 4 dan 5. Aku merupakan pelajar science stream. Ingat lagi time lepas pmr, aku ni sbenarnye seorg yg selalu sangat brfikiran negatif tau!!!! Ade ke hari2 mengamuk cuz tkut result teruk, last2 result aku sgt lah cemerlang, 7A,1B (alhamdulillah) So, automatiknya aku form 4 belajar di sc stream.

      Well, aku tk thu pun npe aku nk msk sc ni. "Sc ni paling tinggi tau!" Bidang SC ni bidang plg utama" "Budak SC la org slalu pndang!" Mungkin, aku hanya lebih trpengaruh dgn kata2 mereka yg aku hanya kenali sebagai UNKNOWN.
Rasa ape erk sebagai budak sc, yg duk kt kelas pertama? Ikut kata SETAN  memang aku kena berlagak la, pegi ejek budak2 yg agak kureng. Takdelah, aku tk rse ape pun, biasa jer. Mule2 msuk sekolah, mmg semangt nk belaja, tp ape yg menyedihkan, time exam midyear, aku dapat number second last kat kelas. Malu gilerr babe, numb last standard la budak laki2 kan, hahaha. Malu la, aku down tahap gaban. Banyak la silibus aku da ketinggalan.
       Masuk form 5, early year sama la, azam membuak2, tp lme2, motivasi pun turun, dlm bulan 3, aku decided nk drop fizik. So, tak msk la kelas fizik, best nyer, satu subjek da kne buang. Tibe2, dlm bulan 9, nk register subjek spm, tah Malaikat mne erk, bg aku kekuatan suh amek subjek Fizik, aku pun, amek jer la,
Aku struggle babe! Time tuh pulak, aku aktif KRS, kene la skip class, practise, msk koir lagi, skipp class . Weekend dtg skolah. Aku rse down giler. Nah, tambah lagi ngn peka2 sc, maklumlah aku ni budak PURE SC kan, so, peka2 sume tuh sgt la membebankan.
   Bagi aku, sume mende tuh yg bebankan hidup aku. Arghh! Stress giler! Aku akui aku tak kuat nk hadapi cabaran tu sume, sgt lemah. Detik peperiksaan SPM, hampir tiba. Rse kalau boleh aku nk gunakan waktu tidur, makan ku dan segala detik hanya untuk mengCOPY PASTE semua 9SUBJEK diotak aku ni. Pergh, tension oouhhhhh...
    Dalam sebulan lg, SPM!!!!!! Aku menangis2 bagai nk rak, tp apakan daya, aku harus redah jer lah kan....
Time SPM,  ape yg aku ley citer, banyak gak paper yg aku kuar awal, orang sume dok tgk  jer, maybe dorunk rse aku ni antara budak ''GENIUS'', haha. takde maknenyer, sebab kan fed up, aku kuar la. Yg aku igt, Paper ENG, BIO, FIZIK, ADD MATH...and CHEM! ahaha, last paper.

OK la, citer tros time result erk. Aku cadang, nk amek result seminggu lepas tuh jer, tp sebabkan mak aku yg tak sabar2, die g kt skolah aku, nek taxi.
 Kat office, punye la, kne tgu 30min, staff tk jumpe lak result aku, tahh...memang nasib aku la, result aku "sangat teruk", result tuh pun phm, tak nak mak aku skit jantung. Muahahahah. Time tuh, berdebar pun tak, sedih pun tah.Sume airmata aku da kering time b4 SPM. Aku jdik NUMB.
NI sebenanyer result yg aku EXPECT...~

BM                    B+
ENG                  A-
MATH              C+
SEJ                   C-
BIO                  C+
P.I                     A
CHEM              D
A.MATH          E
FIZIK               E

   Asal ade 5 credit cukuplah. Then, mak aku kol.."Dila, teka dpt berapa" ''Tak thu la, stu A kot, tah, tkde A kot". "Ade A lah, cbe teka, bpe A??" Aku tkde perasaan, aku ckp...tah....
"SEGENGGAM!" hahahha??? giler lah, result aku 5A, 2B, 2C.

 Citer die kt sini, aku nih, kurang yakin la dgn ape yg aku dah buat, , susah nk fikir positif. Ker, aku kne g jmpe pkar jiwa???? Komen????

So, nasihat aku, kpd junior sume, jgn la putus ase erk, cbe kalau taknak start tibe2 pun tkpe, amek mse. TAPI! Bukan amek mse lme sgt erk! Korunk bgun pagi besok harinya, mulekan hari baru time tuh gak! hahahhaaha :P