Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to see your potential???...

You are kind of confusing about yourself. Sometimes, you wonder why you have to do the same routine. Well, there are some tips for you to color your new life.

          You are ready for a change of scene or at least you think you are. Well, self-esteem seems really important to you. Well, you can control your mobility by your own physical, but the point is, psychologically thinking is very important! By well-minded thinking, it helps to reassure you that you are in great state. Believe in or not, every creature in this world has their own potential, like human being. Some of the moments make us to feel bad and come with plenty of regrets. The worst is, if we fail to take it carefully, your mentality will be destructed. Just keep your mind to say that all the things have had happened in your life such a great experience. Otherwise, they could help you to motivate yourself and also will encourage you to motivate other people too.

          In order to find your potential, find out your natural talent like drawing, singing, dancing and so on. Pursue your talents till they reach the peak. You should always think positive about yourself and never condemn the gifts which have been given by the God.

Friday, April 30, 2010

life tanpe internet aku, haha

28th April 2010

I am checking my maxis broadband account and it’s written that the total amount I should pay to avoid the interrupted connection is RM185! I am really in shock! Nothing could I imagine, so I make up my mind immediately to find a way for getting extra cash. How would I cuz apparently and obviously, I am jobless! =.= Hurm, gonna ask my mom to bank in for me, well, this news well make her to start nagging. Then, I call my mom, and she said, “aritu kate kne byr 38 jer after u got the 50% rebate..??” “well, tah..hurm, maybe..pasal I have exceed the limit “ =.=. “ha, tu la, lain kali jgn online lebih”. My mom does not really exposed to such those things about intrenet la actually, I also dunno about this very well.

29th April 2010

Today, I make a call to Uniten, to ask why I still do not receive the official letter. Well, I just got to know that I have been received a conditional letter, saying that I have offered to enter the University. Happy and that’s only thing I felt- smile. By the way, I adore the way she (The Operator) talks to me as she is kind of polite. I am starting to believe that the service at the Uniten is kind of good. She said, the letter will sent to my address about a week. So, okayh, no worries anymore-smile.

Then, I make a call to maxis broadband. At first, I just ask about for checking my bill, she said yeah, the total amout is Rm185.10. She asked me then, have u paid RM150? Yeah, I have paid. So, later she said just call again and tell me the receipt number so that I just have to pay approximately RM38.10 after the RM150 and the 50% rebate have been deducted -smile.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Being a fucking Budget HOT chick!!

Currently, i found one girl, but i prefer myself to call her "bitch". she is not type of bitch yg cm hot, educated and active in sexs life, go out to clubbing , showing their butt and bust la, but to me, she is low class bitch!!.
i know her since i was standard 3, that time she was like other gilrs too la but what i can see is she is naturally gedix la kot. then, tambah lagi, she had been bullied with some other hoottt girlll (bg aku tak hot, tp, cm hot, ). she admit it herself yg buatkan aku imagined and recall back our past at primary school. yeah, not vividly cuz i am such a bad recaller. haha. what i gonna say this time is, she wrote about her at fb in english which is i could not understand what she was talking (she typed okayh!) about. i tried so hard and struggling to figure it but i failed to manage it. adooiii. so, i have dcided to paste what she have wrote......

'' being in a reltnship and told a bad story too my boyfie is a not a great achievmnt u can get. being a single person makes their heart can't rest in peace when I hangt with some1,is there any vcncy at people's mag?cus u will be the best pprazi ever.''

so, can u guys understand every single words ( at most, a sentence) in the above statemnet.??? .well,  to me, she was trying to show off that she is very educated n high class girl la. i dont think so. se ever malukan herself at cheercomp gak la. other than that,she talked eng with stranger la, and that time sgt malukan aku cuz i was standing next to her while she talked to people in eng. mne tak malu nyer cuz that person thought that " OMG, maybe this two girls are really bad in eng." . now, aku tak kwn die, bukan musuh aku, she can't be my  foe!!

*hurmm, she ever asked me to clubbing. hello, at least, i will never pergi ngn die. kunk tak psl2 menari smbil people over there terbau her aroma...
bau aroma ketiak kau lah!!!

ni haa, aku google image aku type bitch, kuar this pic. haha, totally it's too much right! dont blame me bcuz of this fucking terok pic yeah. that BITCH tuh sme perangai cm nate kt gmbar atas nihh. ha, tok suso aku nk terangkan cmner perangai burokk BITCH!!


kenapa aku ade perasaan cmnih! perassaan yg tak taw nk ckp!
excited! happy! blurr pon ade!
tp!! cm hilang !!
kegembiraan yg dtg sekelip mata!
*ape aku merepek nihhh =.=


Yesterday i went out for dinner at kenny roger roaster. haha. i have choosen 3/4 original roaster, mash potatoes , coleslow and fresh fruits for my meal. i turned damn full then. hehe, then i walked around in the JJ seremban. woah, nice place, boley tahan gak. very wide. nothing special ...hurm,
after that, i stopped by at tmpt alat2 tulis la, actually looking for school thingy for leader of my little creatures, mia howwtt! haha. she is my ank buah la yg sulung. i bought a note book and a black pen , ,,,anddd all set!

sorry, yesterday i did not have a chance to post about this. fucking sleepy!! i suppose to sleep at 11 but terlanjak hingga ke 12, ouh god. that's too bad for my internal healthy.
but waittttt!! i broke my diet rules!! hahaha. so, my resolution is, not 2010 resolution la, but belated resolution is, wanna be aneroxia tomorrow onwards, haha. dont get afraid kayh, i already get used with it.


Sunday, April 25, 2010



but full!!!

note to anna ~peace

Well dear Anna,

You should take the course that you really can do it. Don't choose the course that out of your capability, which can effect your performance and your result exam. Ok?

I know that maybe the way I talk sounds like I underestimate you. I know you can do it, but I just don't want you to be dissapointed if your target is not achieve. OK?

Last but not least, I will try my best to find your Danny, and wait for the latest update for me ok?

* i just received and the things that caught my attention is about danny. my gosh! he is not offically mine kayh, yeah, but, nope...~

Friday, April 23, 2010

Love life

hey, im back! my previous trademark supposed to be life love. but now, it's time for me to share something i have learned about the thing which is part and parcel in our lives.

major love lessons

(you don't have to learn the hard way!)

it's a weird rule of the universe that the suckiest relationships are the ones that teach u the best stuff.

Hey guys, u shud find a guy who makes u a better person. u are who u are around actually. and, if u don't want to be like u, i dont want to be like u!!! :d I'd like to say that a good BF will make u a better GF. And sometimes u are wondering and afraid about ur status being a single. well, being a single does not make you freak at all. probably most of your friends do have , ut u dont. never worried and thinking was was something wrong about urself. but, spending time with other single girls help u to fell normal because u are in the same boat. So, everytime u are at party, instead of feeling left out of the couples, u can think about how u can flirt with anyone or hang out with whomever!

my right now activities

it seems like it my perfect today. i slept at 11 am last night and woke up early at 5.30 am. so, it is good for my health as i really need enough rest for my really bad metabolism. silently i go to kitchen, take some Jacob's high-fibre biscuits and a glass of soybean. but before that, i eat mango, surely it is good for our digestive system. and i look at myself in the mirror as my daily routine. haha.., nothing special here. eh, im waiting for my holiday trip!~

Sunday, April 18, 2010


i never thought that i could be like this. something that we never expected in our life. it's such a great moments when we first saw sumthing and really wanna grab it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

just be honest.

In this reality life, we can't put ourselve in the character that we really wanna be. we cant do anything beyond our abilities. it damn sucks, really hate being who are we. but, that's not exactly what m i gonna confess this time.

i just wrote on my status at fb about my feelings. i really damn confuse, not sure what i feel towards him. it seems like, i wanted him to be mine. really2 wanted. he came to my life only a moment and he comes back..now!. every time i saw his pic, it seems like, i see my prince charming(very lame...) but there's nothing happened to my heart,as it does not beat . feel like i just really want him to be mine.

always thinking, as a little girl, what am i really understand bout LOVE..? what is love actually..? what does it mean..? what are the hidden meaning..? what will happen if we have this feeling..? i really want the answer. i don't want to wait till my age do corrode my uneducated love-style.

im deserve to get those offers!!

he2, it's been a while, i remember the time when i was waiting for my SPM result, but now, i got offers from all tertiary institutions i wannted. well, it shows how lucky am i, . dduhh!

first, i got from, uniten, then, mmu and now.. MATRIKs!!. so, surely i will take 'sc hayat' as my bio is better than physics. i heard from people said that once u get into matrik, the schedule will be soooooooo tight! well, that makes my heart stop beating~!

yeah, surely it is cuz it takes only a year before reaching a degree level. hurm, that's good. well, the registeration's date is on 10 mei. waa..its too fast. sometimes i wonder could i be really ready to face it..? well, i have been rest for a very long time.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

been living in NOwhere!~

it's been long time im not updating my blog. hahaha. my life is not really get anyone's attention YET.
btw, i just got offers from two private UNi, which are UNITEN n MMU. wow, i have been expected bout it already actually. but, the offer from matric keep me waiting! argh..~
well, the result will come out tiz 16hb. hu3. nothing more to talk. after i receive any infor tiz friday, i will drop some words.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

waiting for matriculation's offer~

hey, long time i am not blogging , since i was staying at seremban after a big-big examination in my life~! and, i just got the result, and to me, it's really worth it! he3, i did not put a lot of effort on my studies as i totally was damn pemalas over couple of year (2009/10) wow, i did not expect, to get any A's in my result slip, and , i guessed, i would get a lot of credits! he3, tat's what we call miracle~
so, here the result of mine~
BM = A
Math = A
Sej = A
Bi0 = A- (this is wat we call natural talent! talented in bio since a long-long time ago~)
Chemist = B
p.I = B+
Fiz = C+
AddMath = C+

I really dont know n confused , thinking wat course am i gonna take! my father suggested to take engine~, hurm, i prefer lots! medic, engine, law, bussines, ! i really love all of them, but can choose only one. Nothing speacial here, just confused~~