Tuesday, August 26, 2008

sad=happy! happy=sad? weird..

-g skool, by kereta..
-nervous! fizik tak siappp......
- i prayed tat motivation from dr.sheikh start mase akhir!

i never expected to see+meet him! today angkaswan negara is coming to CBN.whoa...!! like a dream come true..=p pe agy, paham2 je le, skolah convent....menjerit- jerit mase dr.sheikh sampai..,me?? tak sangat..[hakhak] the reason why he is coming today because want to change the mindset of the student in order to give such a sense to study hard. i got his autograf to0!
i keep my eyes on what he is saying about! menaikkan semagat belajar?? yes! he said, "dream is possible,if i can be like this, you also can be more than that"hurm..tat's not possible! yeah!!!

verry verry damn sad! why.......i tak dapat ask him any question. but then, i really really regret of myself..why don't i study hard from the beginning!! i am very afraid of myself! afraid if i could not get my dreams to be a doctor as well as astronomers!!!....

-balik ngn nadjua yg sengal
-huhuk =p

-back home, go grab lunch..eat infront of my pc
- drink hot chocholate

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