Monday, September 29, 2008

before raya~

there's nothing i have to worry about raya, such as cookies, rendang, all sorts of foods, clothes or whatever lah. i don't have any feeling for raya at all.. i spend my time on thinking about my exam that will start straight after holidays! shit, i hate that..
honestly, i haven't studied at all yet, and at the beginning of tiz year i juz focusing on the certain subject. hahha, there are bio (of course!!) sej and add math..but those subjects juz until the second chapter, i guess =p hahah!

but today, my sister is coming! if as she will not come, i think tat i could not celebrate raya, jus celebrate in silently... but, thank god lorh! now, my brain contains with a lot of NOTHING!
wat i am gonna do for my exam! huh, i am so sorry, cuz i should not tell you about my personal probs! i'd risk myself... okay fine, there's juz my confessions, full stop!

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