Tuesday, September 2, 2008

hate my school!

i really2 hate my school! i hate the environment, surrounding ......
fuhh! it makes me feel afraid all the time, makes me nervous, makes me feel the sense of kebijaksanaan students there. it is just like sumthing really2 membebankan hidop i!! yeah, tis is because kat sane peraturan ketat nk mampos, keje sekolah berlambak.....
aduh..i don't know why, but i always feel afraid!!..

but the truth is, mmg i rase takot sedey being there..
the most good time to me is when the school hours is ended already! yeah, i dont't care how far my school is from my house, but the environment there makes me feel AFRAID+SAD...

but, i have to think positive! this is the time to change the mindset of mine. i should bersyukur sebenanye dapat masok skolah tuhh. even though there's a lot of assigment, homework, but all of that are my fault.

i really want to be independent!
the innocent one,

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