Friday, April 8, 2011


Today the 7th day of my acnotin taking. There's no big changes, just the zitney spears that begun last week had been better. All i can tell u, before i hitting on using the proper cream n medicine from the dermatologist, i had been used a cream that give a totally worst result to my skin. Eiuu, the zits getting all over my face and addition they were too pain to be touched.

           Yet, i got medicine, which is damn expensive rm7 a pill! The doctor said, this is specility for cure the acne. What he said, maybe around 2-3 weeks consuming will make all the zits comes out and later they gone.

    Still consuming it, and using day and night cream every single day. My face is getting better but can't really have it as a result. Another 7 days i am going to have another appoitment with the docter yet it will give a hole to my pocket. Grrr.

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