Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's get started english class for new sem!

Again! English class start at 8 o’clock in the morning, same as in the previous semester. So, we have to wake up in the early morning, furthermore we have to catch up for the shuttle bus.
          While on my way to class, in my mind, I was thinking about the will happen in the class in this semester and for sure I felt totally anxious .When I saw unpredictable things , it’s kind of little mixed up. Then, we entered our class as usual and the environment quite different as I have been with some new student. Well, it’s quite awkward to me.
          My lecturer for the English class is Madam Ummi Kalsom. She have strict-looking and made me scared! That’s just my first impression. She talked about the class assessments and as usual, of course lecturer will tell us the rule while being in the class, made an overview for this subject, and so on.
Even though it’s was our first class, Madam Ummi have told us some assessments that we are going to do like speaking corner, group assignment and tutorials. Well, she already told us to do speaking corner, same as what we did in semester 1. For those who have fluent English, don’t really have to be worried but folk like me, have to put a lot of effort! How can I improve my English, madam ? L Well, we should start to be well-preapared for the speaking assessment as it will start on next week, I guess. The person who going to perform for this task whose name starting with A and followed by next alphabet. Unfortunately and apparently, my initial name is started with A! Hahaha..I hate it L

          Well, that’s all for this first class. Will be continue J

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