Saturday, October 15, 2011

The journey of my life.

It's has been very long time I am not writing for my ugly blog. I have been busy with reality life and can't even manage time to spend for the network-social life. Since I have been through my life in campus, there's nothing much I can make words about it. Well, there are not many things vary unless your environment and folks around me.
          Anna Adila. I feel a lot of thankful as I am proud having this beautiful name. Thanks my lovely family, I know the reason you guys gave this such unique name for hoping that I can be even close as like the hidden meaning of my name. Anna means 'I' and Adila means 'full of fair'. After a year I have been fully jobless and waste too much money, I started my studies in Uniten, Muadzam Shah. My major is Foundation in Finance. As I am writing now,  I have been in about 4 months which the first semester had been completed.
          The best thing I ever had in my campus life is that I have got higher pointer for my grade for last sem. Alhamdullilah, thank for Allah. Actually that was out of my expectation cause I never thought that my result will same as my effort which I did not put too much. All I believe it came from my God's and mom's bless. All of my prays had fulfilled. Here it is, I got 3.9 for my cgpa :)

          Now, I have been in second sem. I have to think a lot to accomplish my goal and to sacrifice as many efforts as possible. I have to make and engagement with learnig. In simplest term, I have to be a multi-tasking person who are able not to focus on one thing, but various of things too. I have to balance my academic, critical thingking, behaviour changing , social life and any other correlations situation.

For the day after tomorrow onwards, I have Biz Maths and Micro tests. InsyaAllah, I will do the best for it.
Anna Adila.

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