Saturday, March 17, 2012

Centro project in SIFE Uniten, Open Day Tadika Kg. Org Asli Rompin Pahang

          Centro project, is the first project that I have been participated, at yet it still in progress. And I am assigned as a secretary for this project.Unfortunately I am lack of experience and skill, it becomes even more worse for me to take this kind of big responsibilities. Yet, I think this is a big chance for me to be active in this kind of "gempak punya" club la kan, SIFE. Most Universities mmg ada this club, Student In Free Enterprise.
Well, I take it for granted as I can grab the opportunities like exposing myself for outside life, meeting many kinds of social; corporate, middle-class and also lower-class nations.

        On 17th March, was the open day of Tadika Orang Asli. The location is in Kampung Sembayan, Rompin. One of the problem that I heard in this project is, we still don't have teachers, so we assume the Upcoming Tadika as Mini Library. It will give many benefits for all the Children in that village, and one of the objectives is we want to improve their lifestyle especially in educational.

Kg. Sembayan Rompin, the nature is beautiful

Mini Library, or upcoming Tadika~

So, apalagi? We play many games with all the childrens! We really had so much fun :D

Ok, da abes all the games, we had lunch together, pemberian hadiah and also we took picture for our memory :D

Say keju Cheeseeeeee~~~~

Okay lah, all the committe members memang giler2, tak boleh nak kata pa dahh!

What are they looking at?? And I have forgotten what had happened to me? Grrrrr~

That's All! Byeeee :D

I am a SIFER. Love you SIFE Uniten <3

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