Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hey, I need time to be with you. Hei, you're easily go just like that? I need time too

" Hey, I think, we are meant to be"

"We're kinda liking each other."

*Ouh god, you make my heart beat all the time, my boy..

"I'd like to take you for dinner baby. Have you eaten? No, it's not good to be on diet, as long as you are with me, I'll make sure you'll eat something"
"I don't have cash, wait for a while, I am going to withdraw some cash. Auch, there's no ATM machine around here, I better go to find somewhere else, wait here baby "

*You make me feel like to cry my dear, I just say ok, I can't to anything. You managed everything for me. It's totally, and completely perfect. I love the way you treat me..

"What movie we're gonna watch? You chose *smile. Any snacks or beverage to bring over? Dear, it's cool? Are you okay? The show time is on the midnight, I am ok to be with you"
"I am sorry to let you see the scary video just now. Unfortunately nobody's home. You scared to back home? Ok, I stay if you want me to do so. It's already morning, almost subuh dear, you get home, I'll wait and see you from the window, till you fall asleep.Or, we will be on the phone till you get asleep." 

*all those things were totally perfect...

"I am sorry, you had the accident because of me. Later, I will give all the medicine to let the flaw varnish. I'll do anything till you get well. Later, I"ll go far away, wherever out of your sight so that you wont get hurt.."

*You made me cry, always... I need you..

People easily change. Or maybe I did make a mistake. I know I am that good. I am not perfect. I am deserve to be an unknown person in your life now. Dear my ex, how could I forget you if the scar or our memory is still remain? 

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