Thursday, January 12, 2012

We are strong, young independent woman.

          After long journey in campus, finally I met sem break. So many things I have planned. Today, is the greatest dating day between me and my lovely Gf, Noor Shereen, who is apparently beautiful, tall, friendly, talkative and kind young woman.
        We went to Superstar Karaoke at Wangsa Walk. Two peeps 2 hours ok! We sang many songs, kebanyakannya lagu tarik ok!. Tak kesah la ape jd, asl nyanyi, suara kitaorg teruk mana, ade kesah kah? As usual. aku pilih lagu 'Tanpa Kekasihku'. My lagu wajib setiap kali pergi karok, lagu yg pertama akan aku nyanyi la. We were enjoying all the songs. I forced Shereen to do "Freak Dance" while I was singing 'On the Floor' Babeyh! Notty kan, tkpe, sekali-sekala.

My beautiful gf Shereen!

Erk, hahah!
Superstar yoo!

I am ready!

          Tak puas sebenarnya karok. But, ape nak buat kan, msg2 lack of energy. We bought cool blog to be energized! Then, we walked and made our journey at most of the shops over there. Well, aku tak plan nak shopping pun, mmg dr campus lg kemarok nk karok. Ape ley buat, I saw this black jacket sgt cool. I asked the promoter a simple question, "Miss, I wanna try this one, boleh bg the suitable size for me tak?" She replied, "It's ok, u try jer, this is free size, and it depends on the design jugak". There got two designs, luckily one of them, aku sesuai jugak la, boleh masuk and yeah sesuai juga. Anyway, I love black!

          Nak beli! I thought that, it's not easy to get something suitable for me to wear, mana and bila lg nak cr kan? Once da dpt yg sesuai, I thought, I should buy, if not, I will regret when I reach home! Okayh, but I lack of cash! -__- "Miss, can I pay with ATM card". I don't know it either the good sign or bad sign buying the jacket. Even I did not have cash, but I still got a chance to buy it, ade hikmah ats semua trjadi kan? Hope so :) Ugh! Shereen kinda forced me to wear the jacket. Luckily my inner tube kinda match with it. Ok fine, maybe she likes if I look "buruk" kot. Haha, fine, I fulfilled her wish babeyh. So, check it out!
Kerana diriku tak berapa nak kurus, cewwaah!

 Boleh digayakan ketika duduk :)
Kinda sexy huh! It's just me, fat-looking girl!

We had so much fun! Even Malaysia mmg tak  panas nyer tak tahan la kan, the outdoor fotoshoot berjalan dgn lancar, (konon). Kami lah model, kami la fotografer. Terbaik kan? Korang ada? haha! We are super duper multi-tasking and universal!

          Even our age has break the teen age, but we still live our life like the other teenager. We are strong, independent young woman. We are not dependent to much on others, we can even hold the title of being a single woman. Life with a lot of happiness about ourselves and others is the precious thing! Even Shereen, my gorgeous lady said that being a single it does not matter but anyway I admit that I will get lonely duh!. She told me, she is finding a guy by heart, not eyes. Look is not the major point to love someone, it is all about the kindness, sincerely comes from heart. She inspired me to be single too. After this, when you with a guy, tkpe lah, I am happy for you. I hope I can still be strong. 

I love being Anna Adila

I love the way I am. :)

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