Friday, April 30, 2010

life tanpe internet aku, haha

28th April 2010

I am checking my maxis broadband account and it’s written that the total amount I should pay to avoid the interrupted connection is RM185! I am really in shock! Nothing could I imagine, so I make up my mind immediately to find a way for getting extra cash. How would I cuz apparently and obviously, I am jobless! =.= Hurm, gonna ask my mom to bank in for me, well, this news well make her to start nagging. Then, I call my mom, and she said, “aritu kate kne byr 38 jer after u got the 50% rebate..??” “well, tah..hurm, maybe..pasal I have exceed the limit “ =.=. “ha, tu la, lain kali jgn online lebih”. My mom does not really exposed to such those things about intrenet la actually, I also dunno about this very well.

29th April 2010

Today, I make a call to Uniten, to ask why I still do not receive the official letter. Well, I just got to know that I have been received a conditional letter, saying that I have offered to enter the University. Happy and that’s only thing I felt- smile. By the way, I adore the way she (The Operator) talks to me as she is kind of polite. I am starting to believe that the service at the Uniten is kind of good. She said, the letter will sent to my address about a week. So, okayh, no worries anymore-smile.

Then, I make a call to maxis broadband. At first, I just ask about for checking my bill, she said yeah, the total amout is Rm185.10. She asked me then, have u paid RM150? Yeah, I have paid. So, later she said just call again and tell me the receipt number so that I just have to pay approximately RM38.10 after the RM150 and the 50% rebate have been deducted -smile.

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