Saturday, April 17, 2010

im deserve to get those offers!!

he2, it's been a while, i remember the time when i was waiting for my SPM result, but now, i got offers from all tertiary institutions i wannted. well, it shows how lucky am i, . dduhh!

first, i got from, uniten, then, mmu and now.. MATRIKs!!. so, surely i will take 'sc hayat' as my bio is better than physics. i heard from people said that once u get into matrik, the schedule will be soooooooo tight! well, that makes my heart stop beating~!

yeah, surely it is cuz it takes only a year before reaching a degree level. hurm, that's good. well, the registeration's date is on 10 mei. waa..its too fast. sometimes i wonder could i be really ready to face it..? well, i have been rest for a very long time.


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