Sunday, April 4, 2010

waiting for matriculation's offer~

hey, long time i am not blogging , since i was staying at seremban after a big-big examination in my life~! and, i just got the result, and to me, it's really worth it! he3, i did not put a lot of effort on my studies as i totally was damn pemalas over couple of year (2009/10) wow, i did not expect, to get any A's in my result slip, and , i guessed, i would get a lot of credits! he3, tat's what we call miracle~
so, here the result of mine~
BM = A
Math = A
Sej = A
Bi0 = A- (this is wat we call natural talent! talented in bio since a long-long time ago~)
Chemist = B
p.I = B+
Fiz = C+
AddMath = C+

I really dont know n confused , thinking wat course am i gonna take! my father suggested to take engine~, hurm, i prefer lots! medic, engine, law, bussines, ! i really love all of them, but can choose only one. Nothing speacial here, just confused~~

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Amir Auxin said...

lepasan spm, bese ah confuse. haha
terigt time aku confuse lu xD