Monday, April 26, 2010


Yesterday i went out for dinner at kenny roger roaster. haha. i have choosen 3/4 original roaster, mash potatoes , coleslow and fresh fruits for my meal. i turned damn full then. hehe, then i walked around in the JJ seremban. woah, nice place, boley tahan gak. very wide. nothing special ...hurm,
after that, i stopped by at tmpt alat2 tulis la, actually looking for school thingy for leader of my little creatures, mia howwtt! haha. she is my ank buah la yg sulung. i bought a note book and a black pen , ,,,anddd all set!

sorry, yesterday i did not have a chance to post about this. fucking sleepy!! i suppose to sleep at 11 but terlanjak hingga ke 12, ouh god. that's too bad for my internal healthy.
but waittttt!! i broke my diet rules!! hahaha. so, my resolution is, not 2010 resolution la, but belated resolution is, wanna be aneroxia tomorrow onwards, haha. dont get afraid kayh, i already get used with it.


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