Saturday, April 17, 2010

just be honest.

In this reality life, we can't put ourselve in the character that we really wanna be. we cant do anything beyond our abilities. it damn sucks, really hate being who are we. but, that's not exactly what m i gonna confess this time.

i just wrote on my status at fb about my feelings. i really damn confuse, not sure what i feel towards him. it seems like, i wanted him to be mine. really2 wanted. he came to my life only a moment and he comes!. every time i saw his pic, it seems like, i see my prince charming(very lame...) but there's nothing happened to my heart,as it does not beat . feel like i just really want him to be mine.

always thinking, as a little girl, what am i really understand bout LOVE..? what is love actually..? what does it mean..? what are the hidden meaning..? what will happen if we have this feeling..? i really want the answer. i don't want to wait till my age do corrode my uneducated love-style.

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I also ask the same question to myself..
guess what I can conclude is,
Love is a special feeling which makes u wanna move foward and attached urself to someone.
person u like maybe have an attractive side which attracts u.
Love is blind.yes...because u can do sumting even if is effects without feeling regrets.
however, Love is a feeling which u must have.
and dont hesitate to tell someone that u love him.
because Love..can come from any direction.