Friday, April 23, 2010

Love life

hey, im back! my previous trademark supposed to be life love. but now, it's time for me to share something i have learned about the thing which is part and parcel in our lives.

major love lessons

(you don't have to learn the hard way!)

it's a weird rule of the universe that the suckiest relationships are the ones that teach u the best stuff.

Hey guys, u shud find a guy who makes u a better person. u are who u are around actually. and, if u don't want to be like u, i dont want to be like u!!! :d I'd like to say that a good BF will make u a better GF. And sometimes u are wondering and afraid about ur status being a single. well, being a single does not make you freak at all. probably most of your friends do have , ut u dont. never worried and thinking was was something wrong about urself. but, spending time with other single girls help u to fell normal because u are in the same boat. So, everytime u are at party, instead of feeling left out of the couples, u can think about how u can flirt with anyone or hang out with whomever!


Ariesya Nadhira Roslane said...

tajuk love life.. ingatkan ade la gamba bf u.. huhu =P

anna said...

haha, nanty i tunjuk, hehe.